Friday, September 16, 2011

Understand the Healing Process After Your Rhinoplasty

After your rhinoplasty surgery, your board certified plastic surgeon will warn you of the healing process and what you should expect. Directly after surgery, your nose is not going to look like it permanently will. Many factors will play into the final product: thickness of skin, the nature and thickness of your tissues, and your personal healing ability.

It is also a possibility that you may need to do a “retouch” procedure. This is common.

After your procedure, here are a few things to expect:

1.      You will take prescribed medicine for a few days following the surgery because you will be in mild discomfort.
2.      Discoloration will occur, a mild degree of black and blue. It will take approximately two to three weeks to fade. Many patients use make up to cover up the discoloration, however you should consult with your surgeon regarding the ingredients.
3.      Take vitamin C for weeks after surgery, as it will minimize bruising.
4.      There will be a small amount of bleeding – however, if you experience a lot of bleeding you need to call your doctor immediately.
5.      Breathing may not feel normal, as this is expected. You may feel congested.
6.      The scar tissue will not heal completely for three to six months.
7.      Do not expose yourself to direct sun light and continue using sunscreen.

The most important thing is to follow your instinct. If you think that something is wrong, it is at your discretion to contact your surgeon immediately.

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