Thursday, February 9, 2023

My New Nose Reveal - Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery

My New Nose Reveal - Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery This one is emotional! 🥹 This beautiful patient is only one week post op from her closed rhinoplasty and she already looks amazing! No exterior incisions are visible during a Closed Rhinoplasty, in which all incisions are made inside the nose. An open rhinoplasty is one in which the entire surface of the nose is lifted up off of the cartilages through an incision made across the columella to access the tip and the bridge. Without the necessity for an external incision on the nose, our board-certified nose job doctors with years of experience employ the closed approach to produce natural and balanced results. View some of our photo galleries showing the results of nose surgery. Learn more about the consultation, concerns, medication, reshaping, structure, symmetry, and scars. one of the best in Washington. View our ratings, client endorsements, and rhinoplasty pictures. #closedrhinoplasty #newnose #rhinoplastybeforeandafter

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